Stability Assessments

Stability is a critical consideration for any marine operation. The stability standard for your vessel depends on it's design, length and year of build.

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The "Full Package"

C#, Stability and Blue Decal. The traveling public and other interested parties want to see your commitment to safety. There is a great way you can showcase your operation as being safe and responsible. Ask us how we can help!

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Our Consulting

We have operated small vessels all over coastal B.C. and can help you and your operation with a wide variety of small vessel services. Contact us and let us help you with your safety due diligence!

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Marine Safety Feature Video

Demonstrates what is meant by the "level flotation" construction requirement for vessels under 6 metres (<19'6") in length. By comparison, boats over 6 metres in length are not required to meet the level flotation test. The regulations for boats over 6 metres in length focus on "stability" standards (eg. ISO 12217-1), rather than "flotation".

Stability is the vessel's tendency to remain upright or her ability to return to her upright position when heeled by the action of waves, wind, etc. Visit the Stability section of our website and click on your vessel length category to learn more.

You'll notice a potentially deadly mistake made by one person from the swamped vessel. They are attempting to swim to the larger vessel without first tying up their life jacket. Person sinks down, life jacket naturally floats up and over his head. In this case, although the vessel is swamped, it's still afloat and is a safer place to be compared to flailing around fully clothed in the more hostile, frigid ocean losing valuable body heat and strength!